Just following the trend...

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Just following the trend...

Post by Grapefruit on Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:02 am

Hey! Most people call me Grape. Liliana is kind of my go-to for character names, so that's what you'll be seeing in-game. I am the token female and the token Canadian. I'm here because HQ thought the group needed more "diversity".

All I do is work and play video games (such an exciting life) though I am planning on going back to uni to study psychology. Whenever I see a dog, I drop everything and squeal, "puppy!" I tend to be sarcastic, and apparently I'm full of sass. Deep down, I'm nice though, I promise. I actually really care about others.

In monster hunter, I main the insect glaive, although I keep telling myself I'm going to pick up the hunting horn and get back into the switch axe, which was my main weapon in Tri. Hermz and I are constantly fighting for the title of "mounting flash master" (it sounds dirty, but it actually isn't!)


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